[Harp-L] my new jazzy-blues album

Konstantin Kolesnichenko wheel.k@xxxxx
Sat Jul 15 14:33:42 EDT 2017

Hello friends!
Yesterday PT Gazell posted a wonderful review of my last album "Minor 
Differences". I'm very grateful for that! But I want to post a little by 

The recording became possible thanks to your interest in my previous 
album. I received a lot of positive comments from all over the world 
(even from my harmonica heroes! Many thanks to Jason Ricci, Pierre 
Lacocque, PT Gazell for your support and kindness), some cool magazines 
wrote about it, and the song from this album even made it to the BBC 
(many thanks to Paul Jones).

My new album "Minor Differences" logically follows my previous album. It 
has the same vintage and sentimental feel. It has the same beautiful 
musicians (It wouldn't be possible without you guys)! Some songs were in 
my mind for a long time, but I was not ready to record them up until now.
It's a very natural and alive recording. We recorded it in two days in 
April. As a big fan of the old Prestige jazzy-blues records (some call 
it soul-jazz), I tried to reproduce the sound, length, design and song's 
choise of the great albums of 50s and 60s. And wise and kind David Mac 
from (http://www.bluesjunctionproductions.com/) wrote beautiful liner notes!

In this album I changed my approach to harmonica in some ways.I tried 
unusual harmonica positions and the most important thing is that I 
played the whole album on half-valved harmonicas (Gazell method). And it 
felt so natural to me! It's my language. I think it's interesting and 
unussual because I played amplifed on all tracks.

Your interest to this album is very important to me being an independent 
musician from Ukraine. I'm happy that I'm integrated to the beautiful 
community of music lovers all over the world. I'm so grateful for that 
and I hope you like my new album.
For now my album is available on 
(BTW super cool shop!), 
https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/konstantinkolesnichenko4 and amazon mp3. But 
soon It will be available on itunes, googlemusic and tradebit.

Have a nice weekend!

Konstantin Kolesnichenko, Dnipro, Ukraine

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