[Harp-L] Irish Harp?

Aongus Mac Cana amaccana@xxxxx
Sat Jul 15 11:46:32 EDT 2017

I am no expert although I do my best to play Irish trad on a Chromatic and
sometimes on Blues Harp. I have just come back from the Willie Clancy Summer
Music School, where tuition was provided by two masters of the harmonica:
Mick Kinsella and Rick Epping.

My own  weapon of choice at weekly sessions involving a variety of
instruments  is a Seydel Saxony Chromatic in G. This means that D is
available in "second position" with just an occasional touch of the slide
required for the "one sharp" - C#. 

Playing with up to thirty other musicians who are playing Banjos, Two Row
Boxes, Fiddles, Tin Whistles and Concert Flutes, I can get away with murder.
When your next door neighbour is driving a loud Paolo Soprani no one is
going to hear your "bum notes" on a puny harmonica.

In O'N eill's 1,001 and elsewhere there appear to be more Jigs and Reels in
the key of D than in G, but I have not got around  to trying whether I might
be better off using a D Chromatic which would make the key of G available
with just one flat.

At the Willie Clancy Summer School every student uses a G harmonica which
may be either Blues Harp, Tremolo or Chromatic. I would not be too concerned
with the prevalent choice of supposed experts. Play whatever suits you. I
don't think you will go too far wrong with an instrument in G.


Aongus Mac Cana

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