[Harp-L] Harmonicaster Demo Video with Carl Caballero

Venky Ramakrishna jazzyvenky@xxxxx
Thu Jul 13 09:59:57 EDT 2017

I think it would be a good idea to have a few seasoned harp players of
different styles record a 1.0 minute solo for the rest of us to get a sense
of what the instrument can do. In the guitar world, unless you are Stevie
Ray or a Bonamassa, the strats are a very finicky breed of instruments.

I am putting down Richard Hunter's name as I personally like his expertise
and work in electroharmonix.


On Tue, Jul 11, 2017 at 8:20 PM, Ronnie Schreiber <autothreads at xxxxx
> wrote:

> https://youtu.be/i5TZS-ffRqo
> Carl Caballero, who fronts the Detroit area band, the Boa Constrictors,
> has been very gracious with his time, his talent, and his ears as I've
> developed the Harmonicaster. Now that the first practical electric
> harmonica is in production (it will be available soon to folks who want to
> support the project at IndieGogo), I asked Carl to put on a short
> demonstration of just a little bit of what the Harmonicaster is capable. I
> believe he was playing through a Fender Princeton, first on the clean
> channel and then with overdrive. One of the advantages of the Harmonicaster
> is that it is compatible with any kind of effects device, amp modeler, or
> pedal that will work with an electric guitar or bass.
> In a few hours I'm leaving for the Summer NAMM show in Nashville, where
> Stephen Hanner, a Seydel endorsee, is going to be demonstrating the
> Harmonicaster and I hope to post some video of his playing when I get back.
> If you're at the NAMM show, please stop by booth #130, say hi, and ask for
> a demonstration.
> In the meantime, though it's still under construction, you can keep track
> of the Harmonicaster project at harmonicaster.com.
> Ronnie Schreiber
> The Electric Harmonica Co.

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