[Harp-L] Vox mini 5 and red howler suggestions

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Tue Jul 4 09:42:58 EDT 2017

Jim wrote:
<Hi all. After 5 years of practicing, finally ready for next step. Just
purchased Vox mini 5 and red <howler. I know compared to discussion about
tech such as midi... I am decades behind <others...but i was wondering if i
could receive some suggestions on how to use my new equipment <to maximize
my sound. I primarily am using special 20s and playing blues tunes, juke,
creeper <creeps again etc. Thanks in advance for any help! Jim

Hi Jim,

I'm a big fan of the Vox modeling amps, and you're certain to get a good
sound from the Mini 5 if you spend a little time with it.  I recommend that
you set Gain at 8 or 9 o'clock to start, and then just go through every amp
model on the back panel to see how they sound to you.  Increase the Gain
for more crunch.  Set Tone at about 12 o'clock to start, and move it in
both directions to hear how the sound changes. Once you have a sound you
like, try the various FX to see what they do.  The Mini 5 has a tape echo
effect that should sound very nice with harmonica.

The Mini 5 has a mic input and a guitar input (the latter simply called
"input" on the back).  Try both.  It's not clear to me that the mic input
goes through the amp modeling section, so if you want the big Chicago sound
you will probably need to use the guitar input.  Not a problem with a hi-z
mic, which I think the Howler is.

Like I said, the Vox modeling amps sound great (for guitar as well as
harp); I played through one a few years ago at a jam with a guitarist, and
I went out and bought it the next day.  One thing to keep in mind is that
the Mini 5 is not loud enough to play with amped guitar/drums/etc. and be
heard above the din, and it has no output jack for connection to a bigger
amp or PA (except maybe for the headphone out jack).  Think of it as a
great practice amp, and a good choice for low-volume jams.  when you're
ready for something you can use with a band, come back here and you'll get
no end of advice.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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