[Harp-L] Burnishing v. Embossing

Steve Baker steve@xxxxx
Sun Jan 22 18:10:15 EST 2017

Bob asks: 
Why don't manufacturers machine the reed plates with tighter tolerances in the first place?

Steve responds:
Rick Epping and others who started using this technique to create "custom harmonicas" in the early 1990s started "embossing" reed plates at a time when the slot tolerances were not tight enough, making this step necessary. Since then, much has changed and Rick was instrumental in getting Hohner to re-tool in order to reduce the air gap around the reeds in the early 2000s. All harmonica manufacturers have since upped the ante and are producing harmonicas which are far more airtight than they used to be. Check this link for a detailed discussion of what went down:


Steve Baker

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