[Harp-L] Which Hohner Rocket Low-Key harp to buy first?

Opus314 . opus314@xxxxx
Sun Jan 22 13:32:10 EST 2017

I just saw a cool video by Greg Ranger on the Facebook Harmonica Facebook

"Trying a little Dennis Gruenlings You Can Do No Wrong"


I think he is playing a Hohner Rocket and it says in the comments he is
playing a Low-D.

Way back I saw Adam Gussow interviewing another player on the street
and that guy was playing a diatonic with some extra holes on the bottom so
he got the low notes that way.

1 - Which diatonic has the extra holes on the low end?
2 - Is it or the 10-hole Hohner Rocket the better choice?
3 - What key should I buy first when buying either

Thanks for any help.

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