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I did a long review article on 14-hole chromatics awhile back, including the weighted Sirius S-56 and the unweighted SCX-56.

The harps played very differently, and the combs and reedplates appeared identical, with the obvious differences being the straight tuning on the Sirius vs. cross tuning on the SCX, and the wrights in the Sirius comb.

You can read about them, and hear playing samples, in the 4-part series of articles titled 
Review of 14-Hole Chromatics, available at 


Later I tried swapping the mouthpieces and slides between the two harps and recording identical passages to see if anyone on the Slidemeister chromatic forum could identify which harp was which:





(NOTE: you might have to replace te % symbols with spaces to get the links to work.)

What do your ears tell you?

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Suzuki claims that the heavy combs on their G-48s add to the tone. Any truth to this? 
WVa Bob

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