[Harp-L] Suzuki Weighted Combs

Bob Cohen bob@xxxxx
Wed Jan 11 10:35:36 EST 2017

> On Jan 9, 2017, at 9:20 PM, robert mcgraw <harpbob at xxxxx> wrote:
> Suzuki claims that the heavy combs on their G-48s add to the tone. Any truth to this? 

Hey Bob,

Happy New Year. Long time no see. I’ve got one. I like it, or I should say I liked it. I also have a Toots Harbopper with a lucite comb that was worked on by the late Bill Rommel. And, I’ve got a Super-64 tweaked by Mike Turk. Is the tone better? I loved it right out of the box. Now that it’s several years old, the slider is sticky, it’s leaky, and I did a crappy job of replacing some windsavers so I’m not so happy with the instrument. I’m sure it would play better under the ministrations of a competent harp tech but I wouldn’t know who to send it to. It looks cool. The instrument feels nice in my hands too. As to tone? Tone is subjective and, IMO, based more on embouchure and the composition of our bodies, fiirst and foremost. Then there’s the sound system, Then there’s the bells and whistles and slight technical tweakings made by manufacturers.

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