[Harp-L] The One Harmonica to Rule Them All

Brendan Power bren@xxxxx
Sun Feb 12 23:52:38 EST 2017

Rick Dempster wrote: "That is truly amazing. However, it needs a button or a
patch to make it sound like a harmonica, assuming there is anything about
the humble gob-iron that's worth retaining."


Here you go Rick:



Here's a video demo:



Blues-harp will be far more difficult to sample convincingly, as there are
so many idiosyncratic phrases involving bends. 


After MIDI harmonica becomes common, if players want an authentic harmonica
sound they will continue to play acoustic harp. It's just that MIDI will
open the door to a huge range of other possibilities in terms of sounds and
functionality, with many of the same playing techniques. It's happened with
most other instruments already - harmonica is very late to the party. 


MIDI is essentially another string to the bow, and some players will get so
far into it they will favour it over acoustic harp. The fact you can play a
MIDI harmonica through your iPhone means it's also quite portable.



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