[Harp-L] Magic dicks mic

David Brown nonidesign@xxxxx
Tue Dec 19 18:34:54 EST 2017

If you mean he couldn't achieve that tone without a bullet mic, I will
kindly disagree.
Like James Cotton, and many others, most (if not all) of their tone is in
their cup/throat/tongue, embouchure, etc....and NOT the amplification. I
mentioned Cotton because he often played live using an Shure SM58. Players
like Billy Branch can get clean tone to over-driven tone from just a vocal
mic (and maintain amazing definition in either style) as if it t'aint no
big thing.
Don't forget that Paul Butterfield played a Shure vocal mic.Kim Wilson
could get stunning over-driven tone playing a grapefruit.

The technique, not the gear, is often the truth. This is evidenced by many
players who have an amazing over-driven tone without *any* amplification.
That said, I cant say with any certainty that I know what amp Magic was
playing on that album (or even if he went straight through the PA).

Damn though, he can play.

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> The Mike I want to know that he was using was on the full house album it
> looks like an SM 58 but there’s no way it’s got to be something else
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