[Harp-L] Gaskets?

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Tue Aug 29 06:11:36 EDT 2017

Vern, I offered free gaskets before I started selling them to allow players to determine for themselves if they were worth using. While I am convinced that your intentions are good and that you are not trying to hurt me or my business I feel that since you did not take advantage of my offer and have not tried the gaskets for yourself that you may be missing something. Along with sealing the air and moisture there is a cushioning effect between the reed plate and comb that makes a subtle change in the tone and the feel of the harmonica. I hid a set of gaskets among 5 Sp20 harps and I could easily tell which one had the gaskets every time. I would still send you some free if you are open to trying them for yourself. Like I said, I don't think you are out to do me harm on purpose but you should give them a chance. Try it! You'll like it! 
---- Vern <jevern at xxxxx> wrote: 
> Reducing leakage in a harmonica does improve performance.  However, gasketing isn’t a very effective way to do it. In the vast majority of cases, leakage under the reedplate is minuscule compared to leakage through the opening reeds in a diatonic or through the slide in a chromatic. Although gasketing may reduce leakage by a tiny amount, the % reduction of total leakage is imperceptible.
> After I have gone to the  trouble and expense of gasketing, if I wish and expect to hear/feel an improvement,  I will.  Alas, it is my pareidolia and confirmation bias at work.  This isn’t a character flaw but human nature.  My car runs better when the windshield is clean.  I like Coors beer because it is made with rocky mountain spring water.  I use Ivory soap because it is 99.44% pure.  Etc…………  The thing operated on hasn’t changed, but my subjective perception of it has.
> Placing gaskets under the plate is like weatherstripping the windows in a room with an open doorway.
> Why bother?
> Vern

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