[Harp-L] Lone Wolf Harp Break Pedal

David Fairweather dmf273@xxxxx
Wed Aug 23 22:53:59 EDT 2017

My thanks and praise to Lone Wolf Blues Company for donating their "Harp
Break" pedal to the SPAH 2017 Youth Benefit Raffle.    I was the lucky
winner of this excellent pedal!   Just tried it out for the first time with
my simple rig:

Suzuki Firebreath Key of D harmonica > Rod Piazza Hot Rod Astatic Mic >
Lone Wolf Harp Break > Kalamazoo Model Two Amp

Without the Harp Break, its still a pretty sweet set up with a warm but
relatively clean tone unless you crank the Kalamazoo way up.

With the Harp Break it begins getting those creamy distorted overtones with
everything set at halfway.   Crank the bass boost, drive and volume knobs a
little more on the Harp Break and it really starts getting "That Sound".
  I haven't even tried cranking the Kalamazoo too.   I'll have to wait til
I get in a club environment where I have to compete with those loud guitars
for that.

So far I haven't had any feedback issues, but again, in a club with the
Kalamazoo cranked, it may be a different story.   I'll let you know.

Until then,  thanks again to Lone Wolf Blues Company and SPAH!

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