[Harp-L] Harmo Torpedo overblowing diatonic harp review (long)

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Mon Aug 14 09:15:33 EDT 2017

On Fri, 11 Aug 2017, laurentHarp at xxxxx wrote: 
Thanks for the interesting review  Looks like this is the chance to evaluate the 3 years warranty. Are you gonna use it to have the 4o fixed?

  Reply: The harp is warrantied for 2 years from date of purchase but  I'm going to fix it myself rather than go thru the hassle and expense of mailing the harp to the company (Harmo LLC) in Eagle, Idaho.
  Also, someone else asked about the placement of the tuning marks. I have not disassembled the harp to inspect the blow reeds and I hope to alter gaps on the blow plate without disassembly. Judging by the bright finish of a newly tuned brass reed, all of the draw reeds have new tuning marks at the rivet ends, and some of the reeds have older tuning marks at the free end of the reeds. This leads me to believe that the harp comes from China pre-tuned but is perfected by the person who optimizes the harp here in the USA.
Ron - FL Keys

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