[Harp-L] Wireless harp: Balanced or unbalanced outputs?

Greg Heumann greg@xxxxx
Thu Aug 3 12:31:22 EDT 2017

Hi, Robert

Generally, unbalanced-1/4” is used to send your signal to a high impedance input (guitar pedal, amp) and balanced/XLR is for input to a low impedance input (PA). 

There is no tone advantage. Low impedance/balanced wiring has better noise immunity and can make longer runs without signal loss. (Think large auditorium with vocal mics on stage running to board at back of the house.)

In your case, the run from the wireless receiver to the RP pedal is inches. If the pedal has both low and high-Z inputs, you could use either, with a minuscule technical advantage going to the low-Z connection that you’d probably never hear. 

What’s more important is the run from the pedal to the PA. There, you’re better off to use low-Z/balanced - or at least go through a DI box so that the input to the house system is low-Z/XLR. The reason for this is that the PA's low-impedance inputs have good quality mic preamps, giving the sound guy more control over your sound. Often when PA’s have high impedance 1/4” “line” inputs, these bypass the mic preamps. 



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> I play an Audix Fireball-V mic into a wireless receiver, followed by an RP
> multi-effects pedal, and to the house with unbalanced 1/4 inch.
> The receiver outputs are:
> 1. XLR balanced 600 ohm
> 2. 1/4 inch unbalanced 5k ohm
> Other than connection convenience, why would I choose one over the other?
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