[Harp-L] Brooklyn Folk Festival Harmonica contest information

Trip Henderson trip.tunes@xxxxx
Sun Apr 16 10:46:18 EDT 2017

Hey everybody,

The Brooklyn Folk Festival Harmonica Contest is coming up on Saturday April
29 at 6:00pm. Last year was a total pleasure and we look forward to hearing
what y’all have in store. We’re again so pleased to have as judges Kim
Field the author of “Harmonicas, Harps and Heavy Breathers: The Evolution
of the People's Instrument” and Randy Weinstein author of “The Complete
Idiot’s Guide to Playing the Harmonica” and Trip Henderson, author of
nothing. :-(

The festival takes place at St. Ann’s Church, which is located at 157
Montague Street (between Clinton and Henry) in Brooklyn and the the contest
is on the Parish Hall Stage; please arrive no later than 5:30pm. Great
news, for anyone competing you get complimentary day pass and there’s no
contest entry fee.


*Harmonica Contest Rules*

A round shall consist of one tune and shall not last more than 3 minutes.
A contestant may play a tune only once during the contest.

The top 3 contestants will move on to the final round where the winner will
be selected.

Please pay strict attention to the time limits: points will be deducted if
you overrun, and you will be disqualified if time limits are exceeded

You may play unaccompanied or be accompanied by an instrument except
another harmonica. Only acoustic instruments will be allowed.

Only amateurs may compete - i.e. harmonica must not be your main source of

Late entries will only be allowed if there is room in the program.

The judge’s decisions are final.

*Judging Criteria *

1. Rhythm and Timing - The judges will look for steady, consistent rhythm.
Rushing, dragging, or unevenness in performance will result in lost points
in this category.

2. Creativity - The judges will look for variations, improvisations and
"good licks". Repetitious performance (i.e., using the same "licks" over
and over in the same tune) will result in lost points.

3. Authenticity and Taste - The judges will listen for execution of
authentic performance style in your chosen genre.

4. Expression - The judges will pay careful attention to the feeling that
contestants put into their performances. Flat, mechanical, unfeeling
performances will result in lost points, as will excessive "showmanship".

5. Execution - The judges will look for tone quality, clarity, and general
command of the instrument. Bad tone and muffled notes will result in lost

*Trip Henderson*

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