[Harp-L] The harps and FX I used on "Orphan Black"

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Sun Apr 16 10:39:14 EDT 2017

HI all,

I'm doing a weekly series of posts at my website describing the pieces on
my record "The Lucky One" in terms of the harps and FX used, song by song.
Last week's post was about the blues-rocker "Double Lucky."  This week I've
written up my treatment of the Amon Tobin electronica theme for the TV
series "Orphan Black."

"Orphan Black" is about a family of clones, and my treatment of the piece
is accordingly electronic.  All the harmonica sounds on this piece (and on
the record) were produced with an Audix Fireball V mic into a Digitech

The lead harmonica sound on this piece is obviously new and different, and
it towers above the band in this performance.  Beyond that, the texture of
the slippery, slithery phase-shifted harps in the background is something
to think about.  No matter how you transform the sound of a harmonica, it
retains the sound of human breath in it. I think it's the most profound
attribute of the instrument.



Regards, Richard Hunter

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