[Harp-L] Joe Spiers Custom Rocket

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Ross posted:

"Probably ruined me for stock harps forever. "


And that is the way it always goes... nothing like a Spiers harp.

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Last night I received my very first Joe Spiers customized harp - a Hohner Rocket Key of A - and all I can say is: WOW! Nimble, subtle, tight, all techniques are available at extremely low air pressure, all bends are easily locked in and held with little effort - a true joy to play! I'm pretty much blown away, to be frank.

Joe indicated that his customized Special 20s perform even better after his work than the Rocket model due to the Rocket's large comb holes, so if that is true, I'll be getting some SP20s from Joe too. I just love the Rocket out of the box and this is like driving a Porsche-made Lexus - seriously fine instrument. I'm almost scared to play it for fear I'll wear it out if I use it as a daily driver. Probably ruined me for stock harps forever.

No affiliation, just a satisfied customer and a believer!

Ross Macdonald

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