[Harp-L] Joe Spiers Custom Rocket

Sébastien Frémal sebastien.fremal@xxxxx
Fri Apr 14 13:38:06 EDT 2017

I ordered a SP20 in Eb to Joe Spiers, and it's effectively top quaity. I'm
doing, with no problem, some really quick chromatic stuff with overblows 4
and 6 and overdraw 7 for a jazz/blues band with it. You won't be
disappointed ;)

Sébastien Frémal

2017-04-14 17:59 GMT+02:00 <pdxharpdog at xxxxx>:

> Last night I received my very first Joe Spiers customized harp - a Hohner
> Rocket Key of A - and all I can say is: WOW! Nimble, subtle, tight, all
> techniques are available at extremely low air pressure, all bends are
> easily locked in and held with little effort - a true joy to play! I'm
> pretty much blown away, to be frank.
> Joe indicated that his customized Special 20s perform even better after
> his work than the Rocket model due to the Rocket's large comb holes, so if
> that is true, I'll be getting some SP20s from Joe too. I just love the
> Rocket out of the box and this is like driving a Porsche-made Lexus -
> seriously fine instrument. I'm almost scared to play it for fear I'll wear
> it out if I use it as a daily driver. Probably ruined me for stock harps
> forever.
> No affiliation, just a satisfied customer and a believer!
> Ross Macdonald

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