[Harp-L] Blue Moon on Vacation (Sort of)

Tom Halchak info@xxxxx
Mon Apr 10 12:24:43 EDT 2017

I want to give everybody a heads up.  In about a week, I will stop taking
orders for harps for a couple of months.  Summer is almost here.  My kids
will be out of school soon.  We have summer vacations, a wedding to go to,
a couple of other trips plus it takes a lot of work to get ready for SPAH.
So, the time I will have available for building harps to order will be very
limited.  I am already backlogged with orders and even after I stop taking
orders it will be a month before every order is filled.  There is little
point in accepting orders and taking money from people when I won’t be able
to work on their harps until September.   I will keep the listings for
harps open on my website until next Sunday the 16th (Easter Sunday) at
midnight.  Any harp ordered before then will be built to order and shipped
within 30 days.

Please note – this only applies to the complete harps I build.  It does not
apply to combs.  I have hundreds of combs in stock that are all prepped and
ready for immediate shipping so don’t hesitate to order combs if you
want/need them.  Also, I will be creating some listings on my website for
Kits which will enable you to bundle a stock harp with a Blue Moon comb and
you can build the harp yourself.  I will be posting a few short videos
demonstrating how to do some basic work on reed plates such as flat sanding
the draw plate, adjusting the gaps and tuning.  These things are easy to do
and make a huge positive difference in how a harp plays.

I will also have, from time to time, small batches of “Ready-to-Go” harps
that will be pre-built - including reed work -  and available for immediate
delivery.   Next up is going to be a batch of Special 20’s with Hot Red
Corian Combs.  Look for these to be available in about a month.


Thanks very much for your support.  I hope everyone has a great summer.

*Tom Halchak*
*Blue Moon Harmonicas LLC*
*P.O. Box 14401 Clearwater, FL 33766*
*(727) 366-2608*

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