[Harp-L] ONE ROOM COUNTRY SHACK - BUDDY GUY (Harp-L Digest, Vol 164, Issue 1)

Rick Dempster rickdempster33@xxxxx
Wed Apr 5 19:17:17 EDT 2017

Yes, a G minor blues, with I and IV chords minor and V dominant, (ie major
with a flat seventh: D-F#-A-C)
In 5th on an Eb harp the I and IV chords fall naturally (no bends
necessary) but the V (the root being draw 3)
will mean bends to the left or overblows to the right, Or you can just skip
it and play the blues scale.

On 5 April 2017 at 22:47, Bob Cohen <bob at xxxxx> wrote:

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> wrote:
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> > Hi Ian -
> >    Buddy Guy's "One Room Country Shack" (5:36) sounds to me like a G
> minor blues. The I chord sounds minor (G minor), the IV chord sounds minor
> (C minor), and the V chord sounds like a dominant 7th chord (D7).
> >    But I could be wrong.
> >    Can somebody who is more knowledgeable chime in here, please?
> >    What a great song!  Perfect for C harp in 2nd position, F or Low F
> harp in 3rd position,  and Eb harp in 5th position.
> Sounds like G minor to me too. I like the way Eb feels, I guess that’s 5th
> position. I can never keep the harp positions straight. But in the end
> positions are just locators for where the root note of the scale begins.
> Rather than fuss over that, concentrate on the scales and map the notes
> from the harp to the notes in the scale and then deliberately choose the
> notes and scale you want. Note there are different kinds of minor scales.
> Don’t worry about “getting it right.” Have fun. Remember we “play” music.
> Find the G on all the harps, play around until you find a note layout that
> sounds right for you and has notes you can play. (Some will require
> precisions bends and overblows).
> Check out this for the notes in the Gm scale:
> http://www.jazclass.aust.com/scales/scanatm.htm
> Check out this for the notes on your harp: http://www.celticguitarmusic.
> com/harmonica_charts.htm
> Have fun experimenting. It’ll make you a better harp player.
> Bob Cohen
> Writer, Internet Consultant, Teacher
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