[Harp-L] ONE ROOM COUNTRY SHACK - BUDDY GUY (Harp-L Digest, Vol 164, Issue 1)

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> Hi Ian -
>    Buddy Guy's "One Room Country Shack" (5:36) sounds to me like a G minor blues. The I chord sounds minor (G minor), the IV chord sounds minor (C minor), and the V chord sounds like a dominant 7th chord (D7).  
>    But I could be wrong.
>    Can somebody who is more knowledgeable chime in here, please?
>    What a great song!  Perfect for C harp in 2nd position, F or Low F harp in 3rd position,  and Eb harp in 5th position.

Sounds like G minor to me too. I like the way Eb feels, I guess that’s 5th position. I can never keep the harp positions straight. But in the end positions are just locators for where the root note of the scale begins. Rather than fuss over that, concentrate on the scales and map the notes from the harp to the notes in the scale and then deliberately choose the notes and scale you want. Note there are different kinds of minor scales. Don’t worry about “getting it right.” Have fun. Remember we “play” music. Find the G on all the harps, play around until you find a note layout that sounds right for you and has notes you can play. (Some will require precisions bends and overblows).

Check out this for the notes in the Gm scale: http://www.jazclass.aust.com/scales/scanatm.htm

Check out this for the notes on your harp: http://www.celticguitarmusic.com/harmonica_charts.htm

Have fun experimenting. It’ll make you a better harp player.

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