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Chris Hofstader cdh@xxxxx
Mon Sep 12 16:13:17 EDT 2016


Since I started working with Tomlin as an instructor, I found that GarageBand on my iPad has become an incredibly useful tool for my practicing because it has both a metronome and a chromatic tuner that can easily be used by a blind person. The metronome works fine but making a wood block sound at a preset interval is a pretty simple bit of software; the GB tuner, however, is especially nice as I can’t see a needle or or a bunch of LEDs and GB speaks the percentage above or below the nearest note. So, if I hit a bend incorrectly, I’ll hear something like "12% above B flat” and it’ll tell me if I’m getting closer or worse until I have it figured out.

I know there’s at least one other blind person on this list so, when I saw your email, I thought I’d describe how one of we blinks can find a tool that will work for us. An iPad Mini costs about $325 so it’s a pricey option when a $25 bit of gear can replace it but it does the job nicely and, if one cares to, they can record their practices with both the metronome ticking and tuner speaking and review it all later. It’s not an ideal system but it’s the best thing I could cobble together.


> On Sep 11, 2016, at 12:54 PM, Greg Jones <greg at xxxxx> wrote:
> Want smooth and soulful sounding bends?  Trying to get a good tone?
> Improving your overblow/overdraws? How about just playing those unbent
> notes in tune?
> Just like practice with a metronome should be an integral part of your
> routine, practicing with a tuner should be, as well.
> Practice playing long sustained notes while watching the needle on your
> tuner and keeping it steady.  This will wire up the the connection between
> your ears and the muscles in your mouth and help you develop good playing
> control.  It will also help you develop a good tone.
> Wind players have used these techniques for years..
> I have nice KORG chromatic tuners for sale for $25 +$1 shipping.  They also
> have an adjustable frequency basis.  These are the same tuners I use for
> Seydel tech work.
> Email me, if interested:  greg at xxxxx
> *Greg Jones*
> *16:23 Harmonicas*
> Web Site:        1623customharmonicas.com

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