[Harp-L] Improve Your Playing - Use a Tuner - Chromatic Tuners 4Sale

Greg Jones greg@xxxxx
Sun Sep 11 15:54:00 EDT 2016

Want smooth and soulful sounding bends?  Trying to get a good tone?
Improving your overblow/overdraws? How about just playing those unbent
notes in tune?

Just like practice with a metronome should be an integral part of your
routine, practicing with a tuner should be, as well.

Practice playing long sustained notes while watching the needle on your
tuner and keeping it steady.  This will wire up the the connection between
your ears and the muscles in your mouth and help you develop good playing
control.  It will also help you develop a good tone.

Wind players have used these techniques for years..

I have nice KORG chromatic tuners for sale for $25 +$1 shipping.  They also
have an adjustable frequency basis.  These are the same tuners I use for
Seydel tech work.

Email me, if interested:  greg at xxxxx

*Greg Jones*
*16:23 Harmonicas*
Web Site:        1623customharmonicas.com

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