[Harp-L] F#m

Sébastien Frémal sebastien.fremal@xxxxx
Sun Oct 30 14:18:38 EDT 2016

I totally agree with you Michael ! I didn't want to say that both scales
are identical. What I meant is that if you can play blues in 3rd position,
playing major in the 12th position is easy because there are only little
changes to make to get it right. And you gave the missing information which
helps to understand what I mean :)

Dan, arpeggio are chord notes.
On a E hca (12th pos) :
A : 5 6 +7
E : +4 +5 +6
F#- : 4 5 6
On a A hca (1st pos) :
A : +4 +5 +6
E : 2 3 4
F#- : 3'' +4 +5
On a D hca (2nd pos) :
A : 2 3 4
E : 1 2' 3
F#- : +2 2 3
I gave you notes of one octave for each harp, but you can play them in the
3 different octaves (on the D harp, you will need the +5° for the middle
octave). If you play arpeggios of the corresponding chord, you will be sure
to get it right. Gipsy Jazz and New Orleans Jazz are built on that (that's
one of the reason why everybody can improvise together and the whole thing
sounds right). However, it's more interesting to consider arpeggios as safe
notes on which you can rest, which you can emphasize, and playing around
these notes :)



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