[Harp-L] new harmonica bluesy-jazz album

Konstantin Kolesnichenko wheel.k@xxxxx
Wed Oct 26 11:15:19 EDT 2016

Hello friends! I released my third album, and the most beloved. It's 
called "Hypnotized!". I tried to make it conceptual - from song 
selection to the cover pictures. This album means a lot to me, because 
it is dedicated to my mom who passed away in January. I felt her support 
through the whole process of creating this album.

Thank you Jason Ricci, PT Gazell, Pierre Lacocque for listening to the 
presale copy and for the permission to cite you. Your music inspires me 
to make my own music :)

"Konstantin Kolesnichenko is one of my favorite living harmonica players 
playing some of my very favorite music. I am a huge fan of both his 
playing and his artistic direction to the point of jealousy. I love him 
and this disc and want MORE!"
-Jason Ricci

"There is a whole new breed of exciting harmonica players on the scene 
today. One of the young lions clearly leading the charge is Konstantin 
-PT Gazell

"This wonderful CD takes the listener on a musical journey from vintage 
Jazz to inspiring South American rhythms and gentle swings.
The 7 songs are well crafted instrumentals led by Konstantin 
Kolesnichenko's soulful and lyrical harmonica. The arrangements are 
creative and the bandleader's harp playing is masterful. Throughout, his 
harmonica sounds like a horn adding so much to the band’s ensemble feel. 
A stellar performance.
Pierre Lacocque
Mississippi Heat

For now my album is available on bluebeatmusic (You can read a super 
nice review by Charlie Lange here): 

and  CDBaby (in both digital and cd format) 

I hope that you like "Hypnotized!". And as usual, your support is really 

Album teaser:


Album trailer:


Konstantin Kolesnichenko, Dnipro, Ukraine

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