[Harp-L] Cover of Kyle Wooten's "Chokin' Blues"

Trip trip.tunes@xxxxx
Wed Oct 26 08:30:09 EDT 2016

Hey Bill, I wouldn't worry too much about being authentic, and I imagine you said that with your tongue in your cheek. I think you did a fine job and I enjoyed your variations. If I were going to make one suggestion it would be that you practice the song with the metronome, these guys were often playing at social occasions and for dances so a very strong and consistent rhythm is more important than the notes that are played, at least in my opinion. I noticed at the end of the video you mentioned that he only recorded one piece, I have good news for you, there are at least two other songs of his. 

Somewhere on YouTube there's a video of me taking a stab at this song, I don't normally play solo Harmonica pieces but for this particular gig we didn't have much time to practice or rehearsal our set so we stretched it out by doing solo pieces. There are so many little details with these types of tunes that are incredibly fun to play. Keep it up!

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Trip Henderson 

> On Oct 26, 2016, at 4:01 AM, Rick Dempster <rickdempster33 at xxxxx> wrote:
> "Authentic"? It's plenty authentic already William!
> Vert nice mate. The thing about those old time fellas is their impeccable timing.
> If I wanted to get picky, I'd say you dropped the odd quarter of a beat here and there,
> but that's a minor criticism. Keep posting 'em pal!
> RD
>> On 26 October 2016 at 14:35, William Lifford <william.lifford at xxxxx> wrote:
>> Hello Harp-L and friends,
>> I just posted my cover of Kyle Wooten's "Chokin' Blues" up on YouTube.  Here it is.  I'd love to hear your advice on how to improve it, make it more authentic, etc.
>> <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/0etktmPIE_g" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
>> Thanks, hope you like it!
>> Bill

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