[Harp-L] Loopers for Harmonica

Dan Hazen bluesmandan76@xxxxx
Mon Oct 24 16:50:44 EDT 2016

I used to do a lot of multi-instrumental looping, and have used the Boss
RC-2, the Ditto, the JamMan Stereo Delay, and the Boss RC300.  The first
two were single track, the JamMan had 2 tracks, and the Boss had up to 3

For blues, a single track looper will often work because you are only
playing the same 12 bars over and over. I would recommend the Boss RC3 or
one of the JamMan loopers for that, since they let you record and save lots
of different loops. Then you can keep a bunch of them on the device or an
SD Card and use the loop pedal as a backing track for playing over.

If you want to do rock or folk or something where you need a track for the
verse, a track for the chorus, and maybe a track for the bridge... well,
you'll need one of the more expensive loopers that will let you accomplish
that (the RC300.) The RC300 can trigger the 3 loops to play at the same
time (for layering sound) or in sequence (for verse, chorus, bridge)

You should also consider whether or not you need built in drums. Some have
it, some don't. The RC300 has nice built in drums, as does the RC3. The
Digitech products have drums but they frankly don't sound very good, imo.

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