[Harp-L] Tongue Blocking and Getting STRONG 2 Draws and 3 Draw Bends

Leonard Schwartzberg leonard1@xxxxx
Tue Oct 18 16:38:56 EDT 2016

Good afternoon HARPERS:  As you know, I'm a beginner/intermediate player and
primarily play Seydel Steel Session, occasionally use Hohner Special 20's.
When I lip pucker (lip pursing) my 2 draws and all the 3 draw bends come in
STRONG and LOUD, however when I tongue block, which is what I truly prefer,
and truly trying to perfect, my 2 draws are barely audible and, it's very
difficult, near impossible, to get CLEAR, STRONG, 3 draw bends.   Is it just
a matter of "keep on tooting" till the cows come home?  Or am I overlooking
some basic trick?   Thanks, Leonard

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