[Harp-L] Flamenco guitar and Harmonica

dh dh@xxxxx
Sun Oct 16 12:43:57 EDT 2016

Hi Guys,

here is a new behind the scenes video from my album Pacific Lounge 
(available from Amazon and Cd Baby)
Feat Yussi on flamenco guitar :

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> It took me a while to realize that the music that comes out of you is the
> music that is inside you.  I was classically trained on the clarinet so
> when I started playing the harmomica, I was able to easily play the
> classical music I had ingrained in my brain from having played it for so
> many years.  I was able to play pretty much any tune - folk music, campfire
> songs, etc. - that I knew "by heart".  When I discovered blues music I
> struggled because I was trying to memorize licks instead of making music.
> It wasn't until I internalized the music by humming the songs or whistling,
> as some have suggested, that I was able to make playing it on the harmonica
> second nature.  It goes without saying that you have to know your way
> around the harmonica but I have never had a problem with that.  I have
> never used tabs.  I play strictly by ear.  I can read a piece of music and
> hum the song to myself and then transfer that to the harmonica but I cannot
> transpose sheet music to the matching notes on a harmonica.  Tabs confuse
> me.  I guess they help a lot of people but to me it is like painting by
> numbers.

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