[Harp-L] Lucky 13 harps

Phyllis731@xxxxx Phyllis731@xxxxx
Wed Oct 5 16:12:16 EDT 2016

Just got mine last night.  Stiull waiting on Asia Bend.
Blues Girl Phyllis

Looking behind I  am filled with gratitude. Looking forward I am filled 
with vision. Looking  upwards I am filled with strength. Looking within I 
discover peace.

In a message dated 10/4/2016 10:51:04 A.M. Central Daylight Time,  
pdxharpdog at xxxxx writes:

I  ordered these new Brendan Powers harmonicas as soon as they were 
announced and  they have been confirmed as sent. The Chinese shipping carrier has a 
very  cryptic tracking manifest that makes very little sense, and I have no 
idea  whether this package is lost or just not here yet. I was wondering if 
anyone  else who was in the initial shipment group has received their harps 
yet? My  shipping manifest has not changed since an entry on Sept. 28th.  


Ross Macdonald  

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