[Harp-L] Low F

George Miklas harmonicat@xxxxx
Sat Oct 1 09:32:10 EDT 2016

I can sell you a Low F Rocket for $80.00.

On Friday, September 30, 2016, Jim Fitting <jfitting at xxxxx> wrote:

>   I have been playing the Marine Band Low F harmonica for a very long
> time. But it looks like it has been discontinued by Hohner ( or is it KHS
> now?) Did anybody hear about this? Does anybody care? Does anyone have a
> stash of them that they want to unload ? I play the low F at least once or
> twice every gig. I hesitate to plunk down the $130 or whatever it is for a
> Marine Band 'Thunderbird' which is still available in Low F. I tell you
> what, after all these years Hohner is really trying to drive me to start
> buying Seydels.
> Jim Fitting


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