[Harp-L] Thanksgiving special deal

Michael Peloquin peloquinharp@xxxxx
Fri Nov 25 21:04:07 EST 2016

If you have never played a customized harmonica, do it.

If you want to play an instrument that has been been touched by the talented hands of one of the planet's best, do it.

Just do it...

Michael Peloquin

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Subject: [Harp-L] Thanksgiving special deal

I'm offering a special deal for this weekend only, marking 10 years in the custom harp business and five years of it as my sole means of income.

Order SP20's from Rockin Ron and have them drop shipped to me. Send me $75 per harp, plus a flat $10 for USA shipping, by 10pm Sunday, and they'll go in line for my Stage I reedwork. Normally a $95 charge.

This is for reedwork only, with covers opened in back. I don't use custom combs on SP20's. If you want to send harp(s) already in possession that's cool too, but they need to be in new and unplayed condition.

Turnaround will depend on how many want to do it. My best guess is that I'll work them through within a month or so. But if it takes a little longer please be patient, and realize they're worth however long it takes. This reedwork is powerful by design and professional in detail, from holes 1-10.

Thank you
Joe Spiers


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