[Harp-L] Gaskets for Special 20, Lee Oskar, and Seydel Session Diatonic Harmonicas

Hannes Schneider hannes.schneider.23@xxxxx
Sat Nov 12 18:11:11 EST 2016

Got them today (I'm in Switzerland, so they got here really fast!) - thank
you very much, Dee!

First test was on a Special 20 in A with a flatsanded draw reed plate and
adjusted gaps, already quite responsive. I've been using it to work on
Brendan Powers "Japuneasy" for some time now, so I'm quite familiar with
how the draw bends in the low octave work on that harp. I actually didn't
expect too much from the gaskets, but I was pleasantly surprised ... very
smooth bending and much better tone, especially noticeable on the half and
whole step bends on hole three. Harp is also louder and more responsive

Then I tested a Lee Oskar in G harmonic minor - first time I managed to get
(and sustain) all three bends on hole 2, so a big improvement here as well.
Also louder and more responsive over the whole range.

Less impressed with a Seydel Session Steel in low D. I've never been very
happy with this harp, I bought it to replace a Special 20 when Hohner
stopped making the low keys ... It's just not as responsive as I wish it
was and the gaskets didn't really change that either. I still might test
them on my only other Session Steel, an A harmonic minor.

If the gaskets sell for a reasonable price I will definitely fit all my
Special 20s with them and bring some of my Lee Oskars to life again. There
is probably no easier way to make a harp play better than to install those
gaskets ... Thanks again, Dee!

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