Brian Walker okiwalk@xxxxx
Fri Nov 4 22:29:17 EDT 2016

1960 Gibson GA-30 Tweed Amplifier.
First off is the cab. Was professionally recovered with "Fender" style
tweed,Very clean! The lines are perfect at the seams. Original cool handle.
Pretty much flawless. The chassis screening is faded but still readable. It
was recently serviced and ready to gig or record with. Looks like it's been
well serviced (Dan Russell of Naylor fame serviced it) throughout its life.
Amazing output. 2 6V6 push pull like a 5E5-A Fender Pro oR 5E4-A Fender
Super. 2 channel 2 inputs per channel with separate volume control for each
channel & a Tone control and Polarity switch. One of Gibson's best sounding
amps from its classic period. It produces a beautiful, tight, compressed
sound from its 12" Jensen and 8" Jensen Alnico speakers. The power cord has
been upgraded to a 3 prong.
The "TONE EXPANDER SWITCH" greatly increases the total TONE RANGE. When
switched to "HIGH", the entire tone range of the amplifier is thrown to the
higher frequencies, producing a liquid treble tone which is further
controlled by means of the tone control. When switched to "LOW", the tone
range is shifted to the lower frequencies which produces a deeper resonant
bass tone which is also enhanced by the tone control. A great hard to find
item. These are very rare. Virtually nonexistent in this condition a
collectors amp. KILLER GUITAR and HARP AMP this amp has the sound boutique
amps strive for. Asking $900.00 OBO email for pics

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