[Harp-L] CLAIFICATION Re: Digitech RP360 software and firmware issues remain after 2 years; buy the RP500 instead

Richard Hunter turtlehill@xxxxx
Thu May 19 18:20:17 EDT 2016

I sent the message below earlier today, and since then a few of my RP360/360XP patch set licensees have contacted me to ask what they should do.

Let me be clear. I had no intention of causing mass panic.  RP360s and RP360XPs will not explode in your face or in your studio.  They will not die suddenly in performance. They will not cease to function mysteriously. If you have one and you've loaded my patches into it, that's not going to be undone suddenly.  It still sounds great and works reliably, once you get it working.

The problems with the RP360XP tend to be about getting it up and running--the firmware updates are a horror show for many--and doing serious editing on your computer. THOSE are the reasons (along with more performance features) why I recommend the RP500.  I own an RP360 and it's what I carry on casual gigs, because it's small, light, and sounds great.  But for the complex performance changes I use on my own stuff, I like the 500 much better.

So if you own an RP360 or 360XP you've got it up and running, and you're liking it, that's great.  Keep it.  But if you're about to buy, I think an RP500 will be a little more fun and a lot less trouble for most people.

Thanks and regards, Richard Hunter

>Hi all,
>At this point in time, my recommendation is that anyone considering an RP360/RP360XP look first at the RP500.  RP500s are now priced at the same point as the RP360XP--$200 new and about $150 used in good-to-great condition.  RP500s sound almost exactly like RP360s, and the RP500 is far better designed for real time performance, with a really useful set of dedicated footswitches for turning specific FX on and off.  The RP500 is in fact my first choice for performance, and my latest set of patches for the RP500 takes full advantage of its footswitch array to deliver plenty of real-time control to the player.  Finally, the Xedit software Digitech supplies for the RP500 works, every time, and it's more functional in important ways than the Nexus software they supply for the RP360. 
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