[Harp-L] Digitech RP360 software and firmware issues remain after 2 years; buy the RP500 instead

Richard Hunter turtlehill@xxxxx
Thu May 19 11:35:07 EDT 2016

Hi all,

I put plenty of time and effort into the patch set I designed for the Digitech RP360/RP360XP, and it's a great-sounding set of patches for a great-sounding device.  Unfortunately, Digitech has failed to address the software issues that I noted on my blog almost 2 years ago, and recent messages from RP users have confirmed to me that these issues are causing a lot of distress for RP360 owners.  Not fatal distress--everybody seems eventually to get the thing to work. But "eventually" comes with a lot of headaches for many.

At this point in time, my recommendation is that anyone considering an RP360/RP360XP look first at the RP500.  RP500s are now priced at the same point as the RP360XP--$200 new and about $150 used in good-to-great condition.  RP500s sound almost exactly like RP360s, and the RP500 is far better designed for real time performance, with a really useful set of dedicated footswitches for turning specific FX on and off.  The RP500 is in fact my first choice for performance, and my latest set of patches for the RP500 takes full advantage of its footswitch array to deliver plenty of real-time control to the player.  Finally, the Xedit software Digitech supplies for the RP500 works, every time, and it's more functional in important ways than the Nexus software they supply for the RP360. 

More details on my site:  

I will advise when, if ever, Digitech gets their act together and I can recommend the RP360 to people who just want to plug in and play.  In the meantime, I will continue to offer patchsets for the RP260/360XP for those individuals who prefer it, warts and all.  

Thanks and regard, Richard Hunter 
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