[Harp-L] Re: Testing comb materials

Joseph Leone 3n037@xxxxx
Fri May 13 09:35:50 EDT 2016

Michaelangelo Mike...that's actually a GREAT idea. A comb made from that stair tread material. The stuff they glue onto concrete stair sets in buildings. It's the right thickness, and 
any screechy over tones might be muffled a bit. I put 1/16th foam inside the cover plates of my Herings to do just that. 

On May 13, 2016, at 9:00 AM, Mike Rogers wrote:

> Hey Joe, how about one made of foam rubber?  A Nerf comb.  Could be a great training device.
> Mike
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> On Fri, 13 May 2016 08:43:34 -0400
> Joseph Leone <3n037 at comcast.net> wrote:
>> As a teen I once made a comb from 2 pieces of 3/16ths (4.5mm?) aluminium traffic sign board, stuck together with counter top cement. One reed plate had the rivet nubs sanded out. 
>> There was an immediate difference in the tone...OR since it took me 8.5 hours to do the job, my hearing had already deteriorated, and I became a blithering deaf idiot. lolol. Ok, why
>> make a comb by hand? I didn't feel like waiting 13 days turnaround for the mail. Btw, I have also used bamboo flooring. Cut WITH the grain..not against it. Plexiglass, man made marble,
>> glass filled nylon, fiberglass, bakelyte, and linen micarta. Chromatics require a spacer. A sloth could make a diatonic comb..if they would come down from the tree.  
>> JoeL

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