[Harp-L] The "newest" Stradivarius of Harmonicas!

Michelle LeFree mlefree@xxxxx
Sun May 8 13:16:20 EDT 2016

Chris Hofstader wrote:

> ...It sounds like the material used to make harmonica reeds is a lot like selecting one’s favorite fishing lure or fly (I do a lot of fishing). The ones that work “best” has little to do with which bait one ties onto their line but, rather, which ones in which they have the most confidence.

Interesting. I too am a lifelong fisherperson. For me, fishing is 
largely a quest to find what bait they're taking. Some people 
exclusively use a specific style of fishing (bait casting, lures, wet 
vs. dry flies, etc.) with resolve, convinced they are at the head of the 
pack. Of those some people have favorite baits that they use with dogged 
determination that they can make them work when all others are failing. 
Me? I'm a fishing ho. I'll try them all and use whatever style and bait 
works at the moment. I can do that because I have worked hard to master 
all the techniques and baits. And, I have them all in my fishing vest or 
tackle box.

And SmoJoe wrote:

"I may like the feel of one harmonica over the feel of another. And if I am the one doing the playing, I may feel better, more confident, safer, whatever."

I think I know what you mean. When I cared about such things I used to have a Rolex. I loved wearing it. It sounds silly but it somehow gave me confidence when delivering an important scientific or business presentation or negotiating with high-powered businesspeople.

But did the fact that I wore a nice wristwatch matter one whit to the people listening to my presentations or sitting across the negotiation tables? Or did it tell better time than the many alternatives?

I don't think so.

In the harmonica world, I think it's all internal to the player. The listener cares not about which instrument is being played. They care about what and how is being played. The people who eat the fish I catch (on the rare occasion when I don't release them) care not about how or where I caught 'em or how I cooked 'em, but how they taste. To them.

But even though the brookies hate it, I do love that little handmade 7 1/2 foot 4-weight fly rod rig of mine. ;^)


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