[Harp-L] The "newest" Stradivarius of Harmonicas!

Robert Coble robertpcoble@xxxxx
Sat May 7 00:50:52 EDT 2016

I just received an email from one Ron Wishnak touting the Psardo Chromatic 64. You too can pre-order for only 
$200.00 down payment, with the balance due and payable once it is actually manufactured at some point in the 
future. The Silver Elite lists for "only" $2195, and the Gold Bar for "only" $2695. Get on the priority pre-order list 
now, and for "only" another $2,000-$3,000 you too can be one of the first in line to. . .complain to the BBB about 

No offense to Mr. Wishnak, who is probably a very well-intentioned businessman. Why do I envision him playing 
his innovative new line of harmonicas on an old tune called "The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions."

Link to the money quote: http://www.philharmonicas.com/preorder.html

Why do I have an uneasy feeling I've seen something similar before?!? Calling Brad Harrison. . .

If Mr. Wishnak is legitimate, I apologize in advance, but I would think that if he is familiar with the prior marketing 
of the B-Radical, he would eschew this business model.

Crazy (but not crazy enough to anticipate or participate by sending good money after bad) Bob

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