[Harp-L] Budget Clip-on Diatonic Mic.

Harping On harping.onandon@xxxxx
Mon May 2 12:33:38 EDT 2016

I found an old unused clip-on mic for an acoustic guitar recently,  in the 'throw it in here 'til later drawer' and thought I'd try to attach it to the back of my harmonica to see if it picked up the sound OK. 

I was pleasantly surprised even though it's 'lo fi'. I ran it into a Vox DA5 solid state 5 watt Guitar Amp on Blues 3 setting with reverb and recorded it over the air on a Zoom H2n hand held recorder with no post processing. It was comfortable to cup but was susceptible to handling noise.


It's not going to replace my Shure SM57 or Green Bullet but it was a fun discovery for a 10 dollar mic.


Sound file





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