[Harp-L] RE Chromatic mic

Lew Aldridge lewis.aldridge@xxxxx
Mon May 2 04:03:15 EDT 2016


I use an electret tie clip mic bought off the net for about £10.  If you're trying one make sure you get a unidirectional mic -  otherwise, as these mics are quite sensitive, there is a very good chance of feedback problems if you're playing on a loud stage.  I hold this between my fingers of a cupped hand which allows all the techniques needed.  The sound is very clean and perhaps a bit bright but this is easily handled at the amp/pa.  Audiences and pros have been very complimentary of the sound.

The mic goes into a small belt box with a battery, volume control and on/off switch and via a guitar wireless bug to the effects unit/PA/amp or whatever which leaves me free to move about the stage.  The box also has a monitor output, with volume control, from the harp to a monophonic earbud also off the net for about £5 or so.

The box is home built using components from Maplins (UK equivalent of  Radio Shack).  These are a small preamp and a small mono amp + a couple of jack sockets and pots.  These components are encapsulated and all that needs to be done is solder the leads i.e no fiddling around with PCB's transistors etc. Anyone with basic soldering skills can make one. 


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