[Harp-L] Re: Yer SBS Tuning..

Steve Baker steve@xxxxx
Sun May 1 11:21:27 EDT 2016

I'm happy that people have found some creative ways to use this tuning, thanks!

On 30.04.2016, at 19:13, Steve Hayes wrote:

> Nice to hear some chatter about the Steve Baker Special. I learned about it
> from your book, Steve, "The Harp Handbook."
> My goal was to play in the range of an alto sax extending down as far as low
> Db. Most of the harps I am using are either 12 or 10 hole SBS-inspired.
> Either a Seydel Pro 12, or the middle 10 holes of a Pro 12 configured in a
> 10-hole harp. The 10-hole version is especially nice in 2nd position with
> the root in 1-draw, but it also opens up 4th, 5th, 6th, 11th, and 12th
> positions adding another full octave at the low end.
> I started out playing Charlie Parker lines and soon realized a Marine Band
> wasn't going to cut it, especially on the low end, and that for that purpose
> I didn't need the higher notes. While a low harp would work, the SBS
> configuration requires less over-blow/draw playing. I play a MB
> occasionally, but mostly for drill. I still think in terms of MB hole
> numbers when paying SBS harps.
> There is real potential for harp-duo sounds in a combo context when one of
> the harps is low. The low harp can play low harmony or low riffs behind the
> other harp. This has led to some happy accidents at jam sessions.
> I've also had some great moments with playing Kansas City-style riffs with one
> or two horn players.
> IMHO the SBS is the way to go.
> Now's The Time.
> 1 2 3" 3' 3 4+ 4' 4 3 4+ 4 4+ 3 2 2+ 1 2 

Steve Baker

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