[Harp-L] Some video clips from a local blues jam

robert mcgraw harpbob@xxxxx
Wed Jun 29 07:48:17 EDT 2016

Really enjoyed this William...good band, and you are really playing well these days...rhythmically confident, good phrasing and tone...strong playing! My compliments!

WVa Bob

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Hi Harp-L'ers,

I played last week at the blues jam hosted by Bobby Nathan at Bobbique, a
kick-ass BBQ and craft beers place in Patchogue, NY.

My buddy Mike Osip took some videos and posted them on Vimeo.  I'd love to
hear what you think of my playing and of the band.

Here are three songs:



Bobby Nathan Band Summer Jam Bobbique June 22, 2016 "Evil ...<https://vimeo.com/172088479>
Bobby Nathan Summer Jam June 22, 2016 at Bobbique Featuring The Bobby Nathan Band with Clutch Reilly, James Benardand Joanne Georgio Nathan & Harmonica...





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