[Harp-L] Was Group Hug,,now diatonic reed setup

Robert Laughlin harmonicaman1968@xxxxx
Sun Jun 19 16:26:11 EDT 2016


I've been playing AROUND on the diatonic since the sixties. Began "getting it", tone-wise, when I got a Windows 95 computer (in 1995), discovered this group, and started to learn what to do to get more consistent in my abilities. 

Now, I'm at the point (I progress slowly,,) where I'm finally going to get serious about learning how to adjust the reeds. I used to do it on a minimal basis whenever my Marine Bands would freeze up, and I'd have to go picking for leftover food particles or whatever was the problem. But I never quite got to the science of proper reed adjustment. 

Mostly, I'm referring to the proper gap adjustment, and what I would call the "shaping" of the reed for best performance.

You know what they say,,"the devil is in the details". 

Well, I'm a kind of "detailed thinker", and would really like to become proficient at reed adjustment and repair. 

So, my question is,,,

Where is the entry level, intermediate, and expert source material to be found on the theory and practice of reed adjustments? I've heard of several books, CD's, tapes, videos, etc. 

What material brings a relative beginner in reed repair all the way to at least a theoretical and comprehensive understanding of the tech. 

Is there a particular website that covers it, or do I have to invest in some material or tutoring, at a modest cost? 

My goal is to grasp the science with my mind, and the tools with my hands, to become a successful reedsman,,er,,person. 

: )

P.S., don't be offended if someone here has answered this question before. I know it hasn't come up recently, so I thought I'd just toss it out again, with more intent this time. (Hey, I'm a geezer, and take things at a leisurely pace,,lol).

Thanks in advance, for what I expect to be revelatory, based on our present membership.

Sucks to know that by and by, the "old-timers" here will pass, hopefully leaving the tech to some up-and-coming gurus of the trade. 

Anyway,,what's the gold standard here in learning about reed tech? I'm fairly handy. I just need to wrap my mind around it. I've already got the Lee Oskar tool kit, though I assume there are many other tools to rely on, some of which probably aren't even available on the retail market.

Old Bob,,relatively speaking,,

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