[Harp-L] PT Gazell's "A Madness To The Method"

Slim Heilpern slim@xxxxx
Sun Jun 19 14:49:43 EDT 2016

I've just had the pleasure of listening (several times) to an advance copy of PT Gazell's latest album "A Madness To The Method". Like all of PT's recent albums, it's beautifully played and recorded and shows off PT's unique style and technique playing his Gazell method half-valved diatonic harps. 

I was struck from the opening notes of the Harry Sweets Edison tune "Kitty" by the infectious originality of PT's concept for this album and that feeling didn't subside all the way through the final cut (that classic Beatles song "Here, There and Everywhere"). 

Those who are familiar with PT's previous work already know that when he swings, he swings hard and when he plays a jazz ballad, it's sheer soulful bliss. All of which remain true on "Madness". He also has a talent for chosing the perfect musicians to help put across what he has to say (and he always has something to say on his axe). 

On this session, Rob Ickes, well known for his dobro work, plays lap steel witih a strikingly beautiful and fat tone --  often playing octave or unison lines along with PT's harmonica, brilliantly executed. 

The guitarist Pat Bergeson (also an excellent harmonica player, btw) is perfect on these tracks. His guitar solos are sublime on "This Can't Be Love" and "All Too Soon" and his supportive playing on all of the tracks is superb -- such tasty jazz voicings!

Double bassist Roger Spencer's playing is solid throughout with a beautiful tone and really shines when trading fours with PT on "This Can't Be Love".

Chris Brown on the drums rounds out this top tier rhythm section and keeps it all swingin' beautifully.

There are some wonderful song selections here, including a couple of swingin' Louis Jordan tunes (which also feature PT singing!), the beautiful Benny Golson jazz ballad "I Remember Clifford", done here as a harmonica and guitar duet, and the classic Benny Goodman / Charlie Christian riff tune "A Smooth One".

All in all, this brilliant, upbeat, swinging, and beautifully executed work is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Not to be missed.

The CD releases on CD Baby on July 18, but be sure to take advantage of the pre-sale here, where you can also here samples from the album:


- Slim.


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