[Harp-L] Replacing Saxony reed plates

Boris Plotnikov ploboris@xxxxx
Fri Jun 17 19:33:00 EDT 2016

Remove the mouthpiece before installing reedplates, or be carefully
removing reedplate, as mouthpiece covers it partially on the front, so
unscrew it and then slightly lift a back side of plate and pull it out.

среда, 15 июня 2016 г. пользователь Sheltraw написал:

> I will be receiving new Saxony reed plates in my pitch layout sometime
> this week. I have many times removed and reinstalled reed plates on my
> acrylic-comb chromatics (Hohner) but never on a Saxony. Are there any
> potential hazards I should be aware of?
> Daniel
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Thanks, Boris Plotnikov

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