[Harp-L] Replacing Saxony reed plates

Ben Bouman fitgo@xxxxx
Wed Jun 15 12:13:11 EDT 2016

Hi Daniel

It is no rocket science. When you put the harp together , you may notice that the screw, that holds the spring on his place, only needs a very small turn.

Before I turn on all screws of the reedplates, I put the harp upside down on a flat surface. This ensures that the comb and the reedplates are aligned .

Please fel free to contact me when there’s problem .. :-))

BTW..what is the pitch layout??

Kindest regards, met vriendelijke groeten

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> Op 15 jun. 2016, om 17:24 heeft Sheltraw <macaroni9999 at xxxxx> het volgende geschreven:
> I will be receiving new Saxony reed plates in my pitch layout sometime this week. I have many times removed and reinstalled reed plates on my acrylic-comb chromatics (Hohner) but never on a Saxony. Are there any potential hazards I should be aware of? 
> Daniel 
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