[Harp-L] switching blows to draws

Rishi Oswal (Rishió) email@xxxxx
Sat Jun 11 00:20:28 EDT 2016

I'm pretty new to the harmonica and am the point where I can do all the bends (on a powerbender tuning) with mediocre quality. I'm also getting my head around position 1,2 and 12 using the pentatonic scale. 

I've noticed that I'm playing mostly draw notes, especially in second position, which seems a bit backwards to me considering I have a larger capacity to breathe out than breathe in. Can the harmonica reeds be flipped so that draw 1 is the lowest note (instead of blow 1) and the notes go on a reversed pattern where the higher pitched notes are the blow notes rather than the draw notes (for 1-6 on richter)? As a result, instead of bending draw notes from holes 1-6, you'd be bending blow notes (ie: on hole 3, you can blow bend down 3 steps but can't draw bend).

Blowing has a clear advantage to me in producing a better tone that lasts longer and feels more natural. Does drawing have any advantages over blowing? I have no idea if blowing down a hole 3 blow would be easier than blowing down a hole 3 draw - but I haven't heard if any advantage to draw bending versus blow bending.


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