[Harp-L] Looking to buy hohner Highlander

Adam Sampson ats@xxxxx
Fri Jun 10 07:45:32 EDT 2016

Steve Williams via Harp-L <harp-l at xxxxx> writes:

> Is there anyone who is willing to sell me a Hohner Highlander. I have
> a friend who is recently really in to Harps but comes from a family of
> bagpipers and thought this would a nice gift to keep her interested.

For anyone who hasn't encountered this, it's a Hohner Echo 55-80
double-sided tremelo harmonica with one side tuned in Amix (i.e. A with
the G#s flattened to G) and the other side in low D. This gives you the
same G-B' Amix scale as Scottish smallpipes on both sides.

I play one of these regularly, and it's definitely a fun instrument. A
couple of minor improvements: I'd find it more useful for playing pipe
tunes if the draw chord on the Amix side was G rather than Em7, and I'd
prefer a less "wet" tremelo tuning.

If you can't find one, you could produce something very similar by
tuning down the Gs on an A tremelo -- I like the Suzuki SU-21, which is
available in A for around £25. Put one of those in a nice tartan gift
box and you'd have quite an acceptable substitute!


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