[Harp-L] first gig memories

hello fellow harpsters...

wanted to share a small story on my first live gig last summer...as well as
a link to my debut..

I've always been a "part time" harmonica player since my teens, never
really practicing for any more than a half an hour here and there, for
years or decades now i guess LOL...

i have close friends who have a band, that was very consistent in playing
gigs during the 90's around Vancouver (our college years/20's) who then
went their separate ways musically for a long time- people moving to
different countries, different cities, jobs, families, etc.. all those
things that break up bands...

until about 5 years ago... they decided to get together once a year for a
reunion gig, no matter where everyone was living...

i always hung out and helped move gear, set up, did some introductions and
MC work for some of their shows, helped with sound and lighting, just
generally hung around...

until last year, when i asked to play a few songs... well, they found a few
for me that i could play, and i practiced a bit, and this is the result...
we played two shows, and this was the first time on stage with them...

happy to say, these friends i have shared memories with for 20+ years, and
this year's reunion gig i am playing quite a few songs and will periscope
some of our gig and practices...

thanks for letting me share- here is a link... great venue called the
Queens Hotel, in Nanaimo BC.



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